Legally blonde like whaaaaa

I hate to be annoying and super cliche but… dreams really do come true! I will be attending the law school of my dreIMG_8728.jpgams #EmoryLaw in August.

I am super nervous but also extremely excited for this opportunity. I cannot wait to challenge myself and
go through this experience in a brand new city. It’s going to be weird transitioning from the top of the food chain all the way back to the bottom…but bring it on 1L year!

I am so ready for this new chapter and to make new friends! I was a little worried about my rooming situation so I’m talking to a couple of girls right now that seem cool… But hey, I’m pretty easy going so if I have an unfortunate roommate, I’m sure I could stick it out for a year.

I know it will be probably the hardest three years of my life but it will all be worth it. I’ve got my eye on the prize – $$$$$$$$!


I hope to do something amazing with my law degree, and I plan to spend the rest of my life figuring out what that is and how to accomplish it.

See you soon Atlanta.



And that’s a wrap!

Never been more ready for anything in my life ~

As a student in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida I have received a multitude of opportunities that have prepared me to be an awesome journalist.

Ranging from my professors that have years and years of experience working in the industry, to my classmates, the past four years have exceeded my expectations. The facilities and technology the college is able to provide students access to is equivalent to, if not more extensive than, an actual news station.

There are unlimited possibilities and opportunities for students to grow and thrive as journalism students. I feel confident that because of my educational experiences and the mentors I have had over the past four years that I am completely prepared for a career in broadcast journalism.

Tip Tip Tippin’ Point

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.52.41 AM.png

You have to read this book! It’ll give you a brand new perspective on life. You can buy it online through Amazon.

I consider myself an “active” reader. What I mean by this is that when I am reading something my brain is constantly analyzing it and trying to apply it to my life. Because of this, I enjoy reading books that engage my mind, force me to think, and also allow me to draw my own opinions and conclusions based on the information I just read. Well…that is exactly what Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point encourages readers to do.

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of several internationally best selling books. The Tipping Point was the first book of his that I read and while I was reading it the weirdest thing happened! I was talking on the phone with one of my aunts I don’t see very often about how stressed out I am trying to decide what law school I want to attend and she randomly recommended his book David and Goliath. I remember thinking, “How random is it that I am reading another one of his books right now?!”

I haven’t had the chance to read David and Goliath yet but The Tipping Point was a great read. Gladwell analyzes and proposes a theory for how fashion trends, crime rates, the transformation of books into bestsellers, the spreading of viruses, the rise of teenage smoking, and so many other “mysterious changes that mark everyday life.” He offers the idea that ideas and trends spread like epidemics. Gladwell uses examples from history to support this theory and to clearly and consicely help the reader understand his perspective.

The book is centered on the idea that the smallest and most seemingly insignificant changes can create a massive reaction. Gladwell uses three main concepts to help explain how tipping points work; the law of the few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context. Like an epidemic, he concludes that trends and ideas are spread through a few highly infectious or influential individuals. Gladwell categorizes these individuals as Mavens, Connectors, and Salesman and explains how they initiate and contribute to the tipping point.

The stickiness factor is when a product is naturally infectious, addictive, or sticky. The idea alone is something that people are attracted too and are naturally interested and drawn to. His final concept discusses the importance of context. Gladwell explains that a persons circumstances, and surroundings can affect their choices and perception. I found this idea the most intriguing. He gave the example of how cleaning up graffiti can decrease the amount of crime in an area.

Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point is a fascination outlook on society and how people react to and embrace certain ideas. The Tipping Point is a well written and thought out book that allows readers to be fully engaged. After simply reading the introduction I was hooked! I 100% recommend reading this book! Now that I have finished it I am going to read David and Goliath (the one my aunt recommended).

A little friendly promo :)

Here are few fun and interesting blogs created by my fellow telecom friends. Definitely check them out when you get a chance!

My girl Megan Trepper is not only passionate about broadcast journalism but also about fitness. See her blog to learn about her journey to fitness and health!

Darling Hill is a very talented reporter- check out her blog to learn about her adventures in media!

And you have to scroll through Crystal Bailey‘s blog. She is going to be an awesome reporter/producer, you don’t want to miss her work!





Silly rabbit, Easter’s not all about you

In His great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade.

1 Perter 1:3-4

The idea of the Easter Bunny is a fun and creative way to celebrate the Easter holiday. This is the awesome Easter basket that was waiting for me this past Sunday!



But Easter is about much more than getting a basket full of candy and colorful eggs. Easter represents the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate gift that was given to us! Jesus rose from the dead and because of that we will also rise and join Him in Heaven. I am always amazed by the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.





Channeling my inner “Mermaid Princess”

For the past four years my family has spent Easter weekend in Orlando. I know, kind of random because we are from West Palm Beach, but it is a nice place to meet because it is about a two hour drive for my parents and my siblings and I.


So we meet up in Orlando and spend the day at one of the theme parks. This year we bought double park passes so we could go to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure! I was super pumped because I hadn’t been to the new Harry Potter world (it was awesome btw).

This year one of my best friends, Sheena, tagged along on this weekend adventure and we got our faces painted. It was my first time so I’m not going to lie I was pretty nervous about getting the design called “Mermaid Princess” painted on my face by a 4’9″ man, but it ended up loving it, but I think I liked Sheena’s better! Lol The grass is always green on the other side, am I right?

All in all it was a great weekend and I am glad I got to spend it with my family. I am blessed to have such a strong support system and I love it that we all make an effort to see each other as often as possible! #theyrock #bestfamilyever


My experiences at the University of Florida have provided me with the skills necessary to confidently pursue my career goals after graduation . Working as a Reporter and Anchor for WUFT-TV I developed skills that allowed me to succeed as a Journalist. My experience in WUFT’s newsroom afforded me the opportunity to write investigative and feature stories that addressed gender discrimination, state legislation, local government policy, and crime. I learned how to research issues, analyze information, discern pertinent data, and highlight relevant facts.

I enjoyed working in the newsroom and volunteered weekly as a radio producer, taking advantage of every opportunity, and covering stories on holidays and for local elections, in addition to excelling in my regular coursework. I produced live on air content for NPR’s All Things Considered hourly newscast and became a leader in the newsroom. Being responsible for delegating story ideas to reporters, ensuring stories were completed and deadlines met, and organizing those stories into a single newscast to be broadcast on the radio taught me how to lead a group of individuals to accomplish a common goal.

In addition to my experience in the newsroom, my academic curriculum contributed to my interest in law school. Following my enrollment in a course focused on Media and Communications Law, I became inspired to pursue a career in the legal profession and set my sights on becoming a lawyer. Analyzing cases concerning freedom of speech, libel and defamation, and applying those rulings to hypothetical situations intrigued me. The ability to relate decade old cases to present day circumstances, in a time when boundaries are continuously being stretched, fascinated me. Throughout the course I began to notice similarities between the journalism and legal fields. Successful journalists and successful lawyers share many of the same qualities; persistence when faced with conflict, determination to discover the facts, critical thinking while analyzing information and condensing it in a way it can be easily understood, and communicating effectively.

My participation in the college’s ethics course allowed me to expand my skillset even further. We discussed the ethical rationale of media outlets deciding the appropriateness of broadcasting the names of victims of crime and those accused of committing a crime, offensive images and videos, and stories concerning minors. I researched current media controversies and the strategies media professionals use when covering issues such as; ISIS, bombings, government scandals, national security and crime. I was given written examinations that required me to form a conclusion by analyzing facts from analogous circumstances, and explain the rationale supporting my decision. I utilized critical thinking skills to evaluate information and communicate my ideas efficiently and effectively.

The research skills I acquired through my undergraduate experiences enabled me to excel this past summer as an intern for the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, which is an agency focused on economic development to attract, retain, and expand businesses in Palm Beach County. I assisted in researching the county’s accessibility for international business, it’s proximity to airports, land development opportunities, and the cost of bringing a business to the county and compared the statistical data with that of competing counties in order to form marketing strategies. I compiled the data into organized excel spreadsheets for the agency to utilize when attracting new clients. The internship enhanced my ability to conduct research and analyze data; skills that will benefit me in law school when studying case law.

Throughout the last four years I was exposed to various educational and professional experiences that have provided me with a unique set of skills to succeed in the pursuit of career int the legal field. I hope to one day use my knowledge of broadcast journalism combined with my legal expertise, to become a legal correspondent for a national television network.



As April 29th gets closer… and closer… I realize how much I am going to miss reporting for WUFT-TV!

Being a reporter was something I dreamed about doing for a very long time. My journey through UF’s College of Journalism and Communications has been amazing.

I am working on my CJC Summa Cum Laude/Highest Honors application and going through all the stories I have written that aired on TV. I have learned so much through my undergraduate experiences and I feel blessed to have accomplished my goal of reporting and anchoring on live television. I am so pumped for what life after undergrad has in store for me!

Law school here I come!


Job searching…it’s like The Hunger Games real world style

And I like to think of myself as Katniss

However, I still have not made any plans for the summer but I am extremely interested in learning more about the legal field to help prepare me for law school. I have had some awesome work and undergraduate experiences that have prepared me to take the next step in pursuit of a legal career. I am excited for the next three years and everything I will learn and accomplish on this journey. Wish me luck!